Anne McCarthy is a journalist and writer living in Manhattan (and sometimes Paris, sometimes London).  

She writes about travel, film, dance, fashion, music, books, Paris, and French things. 

Her work has been featured in The Telegraph, Teen Vogue, Ms. Magazine, IndieWire, Dance Magazine, The Second City Network, France Today, Bonjour Parisand more. She has written about Paris and French culture for 6 years, and regularly reports on the Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Weeks.

She has interviewed notable artists like New York Times bestselling writer Elizabeth Gilbert, Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen, Oscar-nominated La La Land choreographer Mandy Moore, and many more. 

She has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster, and her memoir London Calling is forthcoming.

You can follow her on Twitter for her thoughts on travel, Paris, movies, and Lin-Manuel Miranda retweets.