I was born in Godric's Hollow, England, to my doting and loving parents, Lily and James. They died when I was a child, and I miss them every day.

On my 11th birthday, I was told I was a wizard and that I'd be going to a special school called Hogwarts. Since then, my life has never been the same...

Born in Philly, raised in the dirrty Lou (St. Louis, MO), I grew up loving reading, writing, ballet, Adam Sandler movies, hip hop, all things Harry Potter, and anything relating to celebrities and films. 

But first and foremost, I wanted to be a writer.

My writing has been featured in The Telegraph, Ms. Magazine, Dance Magazine, The Second City Network, France Today, Bonjour Parisand more. I've written about Paris and French culture for 6 years. I have interviewed notable artists: New York Times bestselling writers Elizabeth Gilbert and Mary Karr and Sarah Vowell, Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen, Alvin Ailey star dancer Yannick Lebrun, Oscar-nominated La La Land choreographer Mandy Moore, and more. 

I have a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Westminster in London. In the Old Smoke, I was a member of the Soho Theatre Writer's Lab and a volunteer steward at the Shakespeare's Globe Theater. When I lived in Paris, I was a member of the Writers Group at Shakespeare & Company bookstore. (Unlike Walt Whitman, I never stole books from the shop.) I am a graduate of the Second City Comedy Writing program in Chicago. 

I've worked various jobs in the TV, film, and theatre industries at Sundance Film Festival, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Second City, and The Late Show with David LettermanIn high school, I was an intern for rapper Nelly's publicist. I responded to a lot of fan mail about the Country Grammar album and Murphy Lee's burgeoning solo career. 

I'm currently writing a memoir, LONDON CALLING.